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Public information

The information held by EVS includes public information, which is information saved and documented on a data medium, which has been created or arisen from the performance of duties laid down in the Technical Regulations and Standards Act and in the contract under public law between EVS and the Republic of Estonia, including the following information:

  • information related to the national standardisation plan;
  • information related to standardisation obligations arising from membership in European and international standardisation organisations (including information about voting and voting results);
  • information related to the participation in the work of international and European standardisation organisations;
  • the standardisation programme and the national standardisation plan and information related to the preparation thereof;
  • the official bulletin of EVS (EVS Teataja) and information related to the preparation thereof;
  • information related to processing prepared and published Estonian standards;
  • information related to processing harmonised standards;
  • information related to prepared and published standards and notifying the standardisation programme;
  • information concerning the use of resources from the state budget given to EVS for performing public duties or as support.

The standards are available for viewing through purchase or for free at our customer service in Tallinn. Copies of standards in Estonian have also been sent by the Centre for Standardisation to the following libraries:

  • the National Library of Estonia;
  • the Tartu University Library;
  • the Archival Library of the Estonian Literary Museum;
  • the Academic Library of Tallinn University;
  • the Tallinn University of Technology Library.