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Euroopa standardimissüsteem jätkab tulevikus toimimist samadel põhimõtetel



Euroopa standardimissüsteem jätkab ka tulevikus toimimist samadel põhimõteltel kui seni. 07. oktoobril kiideti heaks Euroopa Parlamendi Siseturu ja Tarbijakaitse Kommitee koostatud raport hindamaks Euroopa Komisjoni esitatud ideid Euroopa standardimissüsteemi uuendamiseks. Raportis rõhutatakse, et süsteemi muutma ei hakata ja selle arendamisel tuginetakse toimiva süsteemi tugevustele.

Refereeritud CEN/CENELEC inglise keelsest uudisest:

The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection of the European Parliament (IMCO) adopted unanimously its report on the future of the European Standardization System on Thursday 7 October 2010.

The existing European Standardization System constitutes a solid basis

The IMCO report on the future of the European Standardization System (ESS) was designed to analyse European Commission ideas to review the basis on which the European Standards Organizations work. In its final report, IMCO acknowledges the many successful elements of the current ESS, underlining the importance of preserving the system and stressing that “the proposed review should build on the strengths of the existing system, which constitutes a solid basis for improvement refraining from any radical changes that would undermine the core values of the system”.

IMCO report recognizes the significant role of European standardization in the delivery of the European Single Market, and in helping European policies and legislation achieving product safety, accessibility, innovation, interoperability and environment protection.

To know more about the IMCO conclusions, the report is now available on CEN and CENELEC website.

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