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ISO 18615:2020
Hind 80,99 EUR
Traditional Chinese medicine -- General requirements of electric radial pulse tonometric devices
This document specifies the general requirements for basic safety and essential performance of electric radial pulse tonometric devices. This document does not apply to the accuracy of differential diagnosis or interpretation of the diagnostic data obtained from the use of such devices. This document applies to pressure-based radial pulse tonometric devices.

ISO 22988:2020
Hind 108,61 EUR
Traditional Chinese medicine -- Astragalus mongholicus root
This document specifies the quality and safety requirements of Astragalus mongholicus root [root of Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch.) Bge. var. mongholicus (Bge.) Hsiao]. This document applies to Astragalus mongholicus root that is sold and used as natural medicine in international trade, including Chinese materia medica (whole medicinal materials) and decoction pieces derived from this plant.

ISO 81060-2:2018/Amd 1:2020
Hind 14,73 EUR
ISO 81060-2:2018 - Amendment
Amendment to ISO 81060-2:2018

ISO 14243-1:2009/Amd 1:2020
Hind 14,73 EUR
ISO 14243-1:2009 - Amendment
Amendment to ISO 14243-1:2009

ISO 14243-3:2014/Amd 1:2020
Hind 14,73 EUR
ISO 14243-3:2014 - Amendment
Amendment to ISO 14243-3:2014

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EN ISO 15002:2008/prA2
Identne ISO 15002:2008/DAmd 2; EN ISO 15002:2008/prA2
Tähtaeg 15.03.2020
Flow-metering devices for connection to terminal units of medical gas pipeline systems - Amendment 2 (ISO 15002:2008/DAM 2:2020)
Amendment for EN ISO 15002:2008
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prEN ISO 22748
Identne ISO/DIS 22748; prEN ISO 22748
Tähtaeg 15.03.2020
Absorbent incontinence aids for urine and/or faeces - Terminology and classification (ISO/DIS 22748:2020)
This document provides a classification and defines terms for absorbent incontinence products. The document builds on ISO 9999, Assistive products for persons with disability - Classification and terminology, sub-class 09 30 - Absorbing products to contain urine and faeces. This document also provides preferred terms, additional terms and example pictures.
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prEN ISO 10079-4
Identne ISO/DIS 10079-4; prEN ISO 10079-4
Tähtaeg 15.03.2020
Medical suction equipment - Part 4: General requirements (ISO/DIS 10079-4:2020)
This document specifies general requirements for medical suction equipment that are common to all parts of the 10079 series. The ISO 10079 series does not apply to the following: a) end-pieces such as suction catheters, drains, curettes, Yankauer suckers and suction tips; b) syringes; c) dental suction equipment; d) anaesthetic gas scavenging systems; e) laboratory suction; f) autotransfusion systems; g) mucus extractors including neonatal mucus extractors; h) suction equipment where the collection container is downstream of the vacuum pump; i) ventouse (obstetric) equipment; j) suction equipment marked for endoscopic use only k) plume evacuation systems.
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