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EVS-EN 62754:2017
Hind 18,00 EUR
Identne IEC 62754:2017; EN 62754:2017
Computation of waveform parameter uncertainties
IEC 62754:2017 This document specifies methods for the computation of the temporal and amplitude parameters and their associated uncertainty for step-like and impulse-like waveforms. This document is applicable to any and all industries that generate, transmit, detect, receive, measure, and/or analyse these types of pulses.

ISO 25178-71:2017
Hind 54,15 EUR
Geometrical product specifications (GPS) -- Surface texture: Areal -- Part 71: Software measurement standards
This document defines Type S1 and Type S2 software measurement standards (etalons) for verifying the software of measuring instruments. It also defines the file format of Type S1 software measurement standards for the calibration of instruments for the measurement of surface texture by the areal method as defined in the areal surface texture chain of standards, chain link G. NOTE Throughout this document, the term “softgauge” is used as a substitute for “software measurement standard Type S1”.
Asendab ISO 25178-71:2012

IEC 62056-6-2:2017
Hind 326,77 EUR
Electricity metering data exchange - The DLMS/COSEM suite - Part 6-2: COSEM interface classes
IEC 62056-6-2:2017 specifies a model of a meter as it is seen through its communication interface(s). Generic building blocks are defined using object-oriented methods, in the form of interface classes to model meters from simple up to very complex functionality. Annexes A to F (informative) provide additional information related to some interface classes. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition of IEC 62056-6-2 published in 2016. It constitutes a technical revision. The significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition are listed in Annex F(Informative).
Asendab IEC 62056-6-2:2016

ISO 20456:2017
Hind 128,84 EUR
Measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits -- Guidance for the use of electromagnetic flowmeters for conductive liquids
ISO 20456:2017 applies to industrial electromagnetic flowmeters used for the measurement of flowrate of a conductive liquid in a closed conduit running full. It covers flowmeter types utilizing both alternating current (AC) and pulsed direct current (DC) circuits to drive the field coils and meters running from a mains power supply and those operating from batteries or other sources of power. ISO 20456:2017 is not applicable to insertion-type flowmeters or electromagnetic flowmeters designed to work in open channels or pipes running partially full, nor does it apply to the measurement of magnetically permeable slurries or liquid metal applications. ISO 20456:2017 does not specify safety requirements in relation to hazardous environmental usage of the flowmeter.
Asendab ISO 13359:1998; ISO 6817:1992; ISO 9104:1991

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prEN 61083-3:2017
Identne IEC 61083-3:201X; prEN 61083-3:2017
Tähtaeg 18.11.2017
Instruments and software used for measurement in high-voltage and high-current tests - Part 3: Requirements for hardware for tests with alternating and direct voltages and currents
This part of IEC 61083 is applicable to digital recording instruments used for measurements during tests with high alternating and direct voltages and currents It specifies the measuring characteristics and calibrations required to meet the measuring uncertainties and procedures specified in the relevant IEC standards (e.g. IEC 60060-1, IEC 60060-2, IEC 60060-3, IEC 62475, IEC 61180). This standard is applicable to those digital recording instruments that are designed and type tested after publishing of this standard. Digital recording instruments are considered as black boxes (including Hardware, Firmware, and Software). They are characterised for their intended application by physical calibration with the waveforms needed for that application.
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prEN 13487
Identne prEN 13487
Tähtaeg 18.11.2017
Heat exchanger - Forced convection air cooled refrigerant condensers and dry coolers - Sound measurement
1.1 General This European Standard is one of a series of European Standards dedicated to air-cooled heat exchangers. - forced convection air cooled refrigerant condensers as specified in EN 327; - forced convection unit air coolers for refrigeration as specified in EN 328; - air cooled liquid coolers "dry coolers" as specified in EN 1048. This standard provides information for assessing and presenting the acoustic emission characteristics of heat exchangers under stationary operating conditions. This European Standard is applicable to selfstanding forced convection air cooled refrigerant condensers and air cooled liquid coolers "dry coolers" and air coolers. 1.2 Size of source The method specified in EN ISO 3744, EN ISO 3745, EN ISO 3746, EN ISO 9614 1 and EN ISO 9614 2 is applicable to noise sources of any size. Limitations for the size of the source are given in 1.3 of EN ISO 3741:2010, EN ISO 3743 1:2010 and EN ISO 3743 2:2009. 1.3 Object This European Standard offers ways to determine the sound power level of units. Some of them are specifically adapted to provide results with low uncertainties, by using laboratory class or engineering class acoustic methods under highly controlled working conditions. Those results are suitable for certification, labeling and marking purposes. This standard is concerned with objective methods for determining sound power levels LW, expressed in decibels (dB) with reference to a sound power of one picowatt (1 pW), of airborne acoustical noise within the specified frequency range of interest and for prescribed operating conditions of the appliance to be measured: - A-weighted sound power level, LWA; - spectral sound power levels; - emission sound pressure level at workplace, LpA.
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prEN 15610
Identne prEN 15610
Tähtaeg 18.11.2017
Railway applications - Acoustics - Rail and wheel roughness measurement related to rolling noise generation
This European Standard specifies a direct method for characterizing the surface roughness of the rail and wheel associated with rolling noise ("acoustic roughness"), in the form of a one-third octave band spectrum. This standard describes a method for: a) selecting measuring positions along a track or selecting wheels of a vehicle; b) selecting lateral positions for measurements; c) the data acquisition procedure; d) measurement data processing in order to estimate a set of one-third octave band roughness spectra; e) presentation of this estimate for comparison with limits of acoustic roughness; f) comparison with a given upper limit in terms of a one-third octave band wavelength spectrum; g) the measuring system requirements. It is applicable to: a) the performance testing of reference track sections in relation to the acceptance test for noise emitted by railway vehicles; b) the performance testing of track sections in relation to noise emitted by railway vehicles; c) the acceptance of the running surface condition only in the case where the acoustic roughness is the acceptance criterion; d) the assessment of the wheel surface condition as an input for the acoustic acceptance of brake blocks; e) the assessment of the wheel and rail roughness as input to the calculation of combined wheel rail roughness; f) the diagnosis of wheel-rail noise issues for specific tracks or wheels; g) the assessment of the wheel and rail roughness as input to rolling noise modelling; h) the assessment of the wheel and rail roughness as input to noise source separation methods. It is not applicable to the: a) measurement of roughness using an indirect method; b) direct measurement of combined wheel-rail roughness; c) analysis of the effect of wheel-rail interaction, such as a “contact filter”; d) approval of rail and wheel reprofiling, including rail grinding operations, except for those where the acoustic roughness is specifically the approval criterion (and not the grinding quality criteria as provided in e.g. EN 13231); e) characterisation of track and wheel geometry except where associated with noise generation.
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