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prEN 14592
Identne prEN 14592
Tähtaeg 16.08.2017
Timber structures - Dowel-type fasteners - Requirements
This draft European Standard specifies the requirements for the following types of dowel-type fasteners: nails, staples, screws, dowels, and bolts with nuts. Only dowel-type fasteners for structural use in load bearing timber structures, and manufactured from steel, are covered by this European Standard. In addition, this draft European Standard covers also the use of screws: - to fix roof or cladding elements to the timber structure, with or without insulation layers; and - as reinforcement inserted in timber or in a glue laminated timber element to improve its resistance to compression perpendicular to the grain. This draft European Standard specifies also the assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP) procedures and includes requirements for marking of these products. This draft European Standard covers dowel-type fasteners that may be coated for the following purposes: - corrosion protection; - lubrication (to facilitate insertion); - withdrawal enhancement and/or collation for staples (adhesive and/or resin coatings). This draft European Standard does not cover fasteners treated with fire retardants to improve their fire performance, nor does it cover glued-in rods.
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prEN ISO 4042
Identne ISO/DIS 4042; prEN ISO 4042
Tähtaeg 16.08.2017
Fasteners - Electroplated coating systems (ISO/DIS 4042:2017)
This International Standard specifies requirements for electroplated coatings and coating systems on steel fasteners. The requirements related to dimensional properties also apply to fasteners made of copper or copper alloys. This International Standard also specifies requirements and gives recommendations to minimize the risk of hydrogen embrittlement, see 4.4 and Annex B. This International Standard mainly applies to zinc and zinc alloy coating systems (zinc, zinc-iron, zincnickel) and cadmium, primarily intended for corrosion protection and other functional properties: — with or without conversion coating; — with or without sealant; — with or without top coat; — with or without lubricant (integral lubricant and/or subsequently added lubricant).
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