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IEC 63145-22-10:2020
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Eyewear display - Part 22-10: Specific measurement methods for AR type - Optical properties
IEC 63145-22-20:2020(E) specifies the standard measurement conditions and measuring methods for determining the see-through optical properties and imaging quality of augmented reality (AR) eyewear displays. This includes the transmission characteristics and ambient optical performance of the eyewear displays. Contact lens type displays are out of the scope of this document. NOTE The relationship between the scope and other documents (IEC 63145-20-10, IEC 63145-22-10) is shown in Annex A.

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prEN IEC 60603-7:2020
Identne IEC 60603-7:201X; prEN IEC 60603-7:2020
Tähtaeg 15.03.2020
Connectors for electronic equipment - Part 7: Detail specification for 8-way, unshielded, free and fixed connectors
This part of IEC 60603-7 covers 8-way unshielded free and fixed connectors, it is intended to specify the common dimensions, mechanical, electrical and environmental characteristics and tests for the family of IEC 60603-7-x connectors. These connectors are intermateable (according to IEC 61076-1 level 2) and interoperable with other IEC 60603-7 series connectors.
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prEN IEC 63041-3:2020
Identne IEC 63041-3:201X; prEN IEC 63041-3:2020
Tähtaeg 15.03.2020
Piezoelectric sensors - Part 3: Physical sensors
This part of IEC 63041 is applicable to piezoelectric physical sensors mainly used in the field of process control, wireless monitoring, dynamics, thermodynamics, vacuum engineering, and environmental sciences. The standard provides users with technical guidelines as well as basic knowledge of common physical sensors. Piezoelectric sensors covered herein are those applied to the detection and measurement of force, pressure, torque, viscosity, temperature, film thickness, acceleration, vibration, tilt angle and the like.
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