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ISO 19594:2017
Hind 82,16 EUR
Graphic technology -- Test method for the determination of the binding strength for perfect-bound products -- Page-pull test working upwards
ISO 19594:2017 specifies a test method for the determination of the binding strength of perfect-bound products by pulling out single sheets from the book block in an upward direction.

ISO/IEC 24790:2017
Hind 166,18 EUR
Information technology -- Office equipment -- Measurement of image quality attributes for hardcopy output -- Monochrome text and graphic images
ISO/IEC 24790:2017 specifies device-independent image quality attributes, measurement methods and analytical procedures to describe the quality of output images from hardcopy devices. This document is applicable to human-readable monochrome documents produced from printers and copiers. The attributes, methods and procedures rely on measurable properties of printed text and graphic images. Special targets or reference images are not required, but image elements are useful for adequate measurements only if they meet some minimal requirements, e.g. on size or number present. This document is not applicable to images on media other than hardcopy (e.g. images on a visual display) or to images that are intended to be machine readable only (e.g. bar codes).
Asendab ISO/IEC 13660:2001; ISO/IEC TS 24790:2012

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