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prEN 50591
Identne prEN 50591
Tähtaeg 16.03.2018
Specification and verification of energy consumption for railway rolling stock
The main purpose of this standard is the support of rolling stock procurement, especially in light of life cycle cost (LCC) assessment. This European Standard is applicable to the specification and verification of energy consumption of railway rolling stock. It establishes a criterion for the energy consumption of rolling stock to calculate the total net energy consumed, either at current collector or from the fuel tank, over a predefined service profile, in order to assure that the results are directly comparable or representative of the real operation of the train. For this purpose, this document takes into account the energy consumed and regenerated by the rolling stock. This European Standard provides the framework that gives guidance on the generation of comparable energy performance values for trains and locomotives on a common basis and thereby supports benchmarking and improvement of the energy efficiency of rail vehicles. This European Standard does not cover specification for comparison of energy consumption with other modes of transportation, or even for comparison between diesel and electric traction, covering only the energy consumption of the railway rolling stock itself.
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