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EVS-EN IEC 62668-1:2019
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Identne IEC 62668-1:2019; EN IEC 62668-1:2019
Process management for avionics - Counterfeit prevention - Part 1: Avoiding the use of counterfeit, fraudulent and recycled electronic components
This part of IEC 62668 defines requirements for avoiding the use of counterfeit, recycled and fraudulent components used in the aerospace, defence and high performance (ADHP) industries. It also defines requirements for ADHP industries to maintain their intellectual property (IP) for all of their products and services. The risks associated with purchasing components outside of franchised distributor networks are considered in IEC 62668-2. Although developed for the avionics industry, this document can be applied by other high performance and high reliability industries at their discretion. NOTE IEC 62668 (all parts) does not address the restriction on the re-use of a component in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations and only addresses MRO activities when they are under the OEM’s responsibility.

EVS-EN 9138:2019
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Identne EN 9138:2019
Aerospace Series - Quality Management Systems - Statistical Product - Acceptance Requirements
1.1 Purpose This European standard establishes requirements when implementing statistical product acceptance methods to meet defined risk requirements. This standard also establishes the minimum content required to be covered in an organization’s documented procedures that govern their application of statistical product acceptance methods. These general requirements and documented procedures apply the requirements of the EN 9100/EN 9110/EN 9120 quality management system standards, in addition to establishing requirements for retrievability, safety/critical characteristics, and quality parameters that protect the customer. 1.2 Application This standard is applicable when invoked in a purchasing contract or specification, contractual document, customer agreement, or adopted by the organization. The purchase contract/agreement may or may not identify the appropriate EN 9138 clause(s) to be applied by the organization. All statistical methods of product acceptance require the use of Clause 4 and Clause 5. To accept product produced: - by individual lots, see Clause 6; - under switching rules, see Clause 7; - under process controls, see Clause 8; and - by continuous sampling or special case methods, see Clause 9.

EVS-EN 4609:2019
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Identne EN 4609:2019
Aerospace series - Spiral drive recesses for threaded fasteners - Geometrical definition and technical requirements
This European Standard specifies dimensions, tolerances, characteristics and qualification requirements for MORTORQ Spiral Drive Recesses . [MORTORQ® is the trade name of a product supplied by licensees of the Phillips Screw Company. This information is given for the convenience of users of this European Standard and does not constitute an endorsement by ASD-STAN nor CEN of the product named. Equivalent products may be used if they can be shown to lead to the same results.]

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FprEN 3830:2019
Identne FprEN 3830:2019
Tähtaeg 15.01.2020
Aerospace series - Electrical system - Load analysis
This document defines the method to establish an electrical load analysis which is used to compare the supply capacity of an electrical power generation system with the power demand of the connected electrical utilisation equipment. It shall prove that the power sources are capable of supplying these loads under all electrical power system rates and aircraft operating conditions and that specified growth capacity for future requirements is ensured.
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