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ISO 20852:2020
Hind 34,97 EUR
Textiles -- Determination of the total heat transfer through textiles in simulated environments
This document specifies the test method for determining the amount of heat transferred through clothing fabrics by the combined dry and evaporative heat emission under simulated and specified conditions. This test method can be used for fabrics, films, coatings, foams and leathers including multilayer assemblies used in hot environment or in activities. The application of this measurement technique is restricted to a maximum amount of total heat transfer which depend on the dimensions and construction of the apparatus used (e.g. about 1 200 W/m2 for the maximum specifications of the equipment according to ISO 11092).

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prEN ISO 5079
Identne ISO/DIS 5079; prEN ISO 5079
Tähtaeg 15.03.2020
Textile fibres - Determination of breaking force and elongation at break of individual fibres (ISO/DIS 5079:2020)
This document specifies the method and conditions of test for the determination of the breaking force and elongation at break of individual fibres in the conditioned or wet state. The determination of these fibre properties, when carried out on different kinds of testing equipment, will not generally give identical results. To avoid such differences, this document is restricted to the use of constant-rate-of-extension testing apparatus. It is applicable to all fibres, including crimped fibres, provided that the length of fibre available enables the gauge length specified in this document to be used. NOTE For natural fibres (especially wool and cotton) the breaking test most commonly performed is that of bundles of fibres (see ISO 3060 and IWTO 32-82)
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