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ISO 36:2017
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Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Determination of adhesion to textile fabrics
ISO 36:2017 specifies a method of test for measuring the force required to separate, by stripping, two plies of fabric bonded with rubber, or a rubber layer and a fabric ply bonded together. The method is applicable when the ply surfaces are approximately plane or when they are in the form of a cylinder having an internal diameter greater than approximately 50 mm. The method is not applicable when the ply surfaces contain sharp bends, angles or other gross irregularities which cannot be excluded when cutting out test pieces. ISO 36:2017 does not apply to coated fabrics, which are tested in accordance with ISO 2411, or textile conveyor belts, which are tested in accordance with ISO 252.
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prEN ISO 3175-4
Identne ISO/DIS 3175-4; prEN ISO 3175-4
Tähtaeg 16.08.2017
Textiles - Professional care, drycleaning and wetcleaning of fabrics and garments - Part 4: Procedure for testing performance when cleaning and finishing using simulated wetcleaning (ISO/DIS 3175-4:2017)
This part of ISO 3175 specifies simulated professional wetcleaning procedures, using a reference machine for fabrics and garments. It is intended for fabrics and garments that cannot be washed and need professional finishing. It comprises a normal process for normal materials, a mild process for sensitive materials and a very mild process for very sensitive materials.
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prEN 12130
Identne prEN 12130
Tähtaeg 16.08.2017
Feather and down - Test methods - Determination of the filling power (massic volume)
This European Standard specifies one procedure for determining the fill power (massic volume). This method is applicable to finished down and/or feathers fit for or constituting filled manufactured articles (e.g. anoraks, quilts, etc.).
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