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EVS-EN 60335-2-70:2003/A2:2019
Hind 5,62 EUR
Identne IEC 60335-2-70:2002/A2:2013; EN 60335-2-70:2002/A2:2019
Majapidamis- ja muud taolised elektriseadmed. Ohutus. Osa 2-70: Erinõuded lüpsimasinatele
Muudatus standardile EN 60335-2-70:2002
Amendment for EN 60335-2-70:2002

EVS-EN 60335-2-87:2003/A2:2019
Hind 5,62 EUR
Identne IEC 60335-2-87:2002/A2:2012; EN 60335-2-87:2002/A2:2019
Majapidamis- ja muud taolised elektriseadmed. Ohutus. Osa 2-87: Erinõuded elektrilistele loomauimastamisseadmetele
Muudatus standardile EN 60335-2-87:2002
Amendment for EN 60335-2-87:2002

ISO 11783-5:2019
Hind 122,79 EUR
Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry -- Serial control and communications data network -- Part 5: Network management
This document describes the management of source addresses (SAs) for control functions (CFs) of electronic control units (ECUs), the association of addresses with the functional identification of a device and the detection and reporting of network-related errors. It also specifies procedures for initialization of network-connected ECUs.
Asendab ISO 11783-5:2011

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