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EVS-EN 17252:2020
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Identne EN 17252:2020
Foodstuffs - Determination of phomopsin A in lupin seeds and lupin derived products by HPLC-MS/MS
This document specifies a procedure for the determination of phomopsin A in lupin seeds and lupin-derived products based on liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). Several phomopsins exist, i.e. phomopsin A, B, C and D, but the method only deals with the quantitative measurement of phomopsin A due to lack of commercially available analytical reference standards for the other phomopsins. The method has been validated for phomopsin A in naturally contaminated lupin seeds, lupin flour and crisp bread at levels ranging from approximately 5 µg/kg to 60 µg/kg

ISO 23291:2020
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Milk and milk products -- Guidelines for the application of in-line and on-line infrared spectrometry
This document gives guidelines for using infrared spectrometry in in-line and on-line applications for dairy processing. These applications are distinct to those covered in ISO 21543 | IDF 201. It is applicable, but not limited, to: - the determination of protein, fat and total solids in liquid milk and milk products using mid and near infrared spectrometry; - the determination of protein, fat and moisture in solid or semi-solid products, such as milk powder, and butter and liquid dairy streams using near infrared spectrometry.

ISO 16297:2020
Hind 53,38 EUR
Milk -- Bacterial count -- Protocol for the evaluation of alternative methods
This document specifies a protocol for the evaluation of instrumental alternative methods for total bacterial count in raw milk from animals of different species. NOTE The document is complementary to ISO 16140-2 and ISO 8196 | IDF 128 (all parts).
Asendab ISO 16297:2013

ISO 11746:2020
Hind 53,38 EUR
Rice -- Determination of biometric characteristics of kernels
This document specifies a method for the determination of the biometric characteristics of husked or milled rice kernels.
Asendab ISO 11746:2012; ISO 11746:2012/Amd 1:2017

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