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EVS-EN 15494:2019
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Identne EN 15494:2019
Candles - Product safety labels
This document specifies safety information for burning indoor candles and includes requirements on how safety information will be displayed.

EVS-EN 50980-1:2019
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Identne EN 50980-1:2019
Remote alcohol monitoring devices - Test methods and performance requirements - Part 1: Instruments for assessment programmes
This document specifies performance requirements and test methods for remote alcohol monitoring devices that use breath alcohol testing technology. It covers remote alcohol monitoring devices having a mouthpiece and which are intended to be used by participants in programmes designed to monitor alcohol consumption. This document is directed at test laboratories and manufacturers of remote alcohol monitoring devices. It defines requirements and test procedures for type testing. Several parameter settings (such as alcohol concentration, breath volume or units of measurement) are specified in this document for the purpose of type testing according to this standard only. However, it may be necessary due to national regulations or depending on user requests to set the values of the prescribed parameter settings differently when the remote alcohol monitoring devices are in use.

ISO 14428:2019
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Carbonaceous materials for the production of aluminium -- Cold and tepid ramming pastes -- Expansion/shrinkage during baking
This document specifies the determination of expansion/shrinkage during baking of cold and tepid ramming pastes used in the production of aluminium.
Asendab ISO 14428:2005

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EVS-EN 15494:2007
Identne EN 15494:2007
Candles - Product safety labels
This European standard specifies product safety labels for burning indoor candles.
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Asendatud EVS-EN 15494:2019

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