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ISO 10086-1:2019
Hind 51,61 EUR
Coal -- Methods for evaluating flocculants for use in coal preparation -- Part 1: Basic parameters
This document specifies a method for the comparative evaluation of the performances of flocculants for clarification, thickening and sedimentation applications on a given slurry. This performance can be evaluated by a) the settling velocity in the initial period, b) the sediment volume after compaction and consolidation, and c) the clarity of the supernatant liquid.
Asendab ISO 10086-1:2000

ISO 8858-1:2019
Hind 78,30 EUR
Hard coal -- Froth flotation testing -- Part 1: Laboratory procedure
This document sets out a laboratory procedure for the froth flotation testing of fine coal, e.g. coal of particle size less than 0,5 mm. The procedure provides a means of evaluating the general flotation characteristics of a coal under a set of specified standard conditions, and will not necessarily indicate the full flotation potential of that coal. The flotation characteristics of coals are sensitive to changes in flotation conditions. These conditions can be changed by varying basic parameters such as flotation time, reagent and dosage rate. Separate flotation tests are used to assess the effect of varying these parameters to determine the best flotation conditions for a particular coal. A method of evaluating flotation response will be given in a separate standard.
Asendab ISO 8858-1:1990; ISO 8858-1:1990/Cor 1:2001

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