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EVS-EN 15681-2:2017
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Identne EN 15681-2:2017
Ehitusklaas. Alumiinium-silikaatklaasist põhitooted. Osa 2: Vastavushindamine / tootestandard
This European Standard covers the assessment and verification of constancy of performance and the factory production control of basic alumino silicate glass products for use in buildings. NOTE For glass products with electrical wiring or connections for, e.g. alarm or heating purposes, other directives, e.g. Low Voltage Directive, may apply.

ISO 19618:2017
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Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) -- Measurement method for normal spectral emissivity using blackbody reference with an FTIR spectrometer
ISO 19618:2017 specifies a method used for the determination of normal spectral emissivity and normal quasi-total emissivity of fine ceramics using blackbody reference with a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR) at elevated temperatures. This method is applicable to fine ceramics, ceramic matrix composites, and continuous fibre-reinforced ceramic matrix composites which are opaque and highly non-reflective at wavelengths between 1,67 μm and 25 μm. The applicable temperature range is approximately 350 K to 1 100 K.

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