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EVS-EN ISO 12625-11:2019
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Identne ISO 12625-11:2019; EN ISO 12625-11:2019
Tissue paper and tissue products - Part 11: Determination of wet ball burst strength (ISO 12625-11:2019)
This document specifies a test method for the determination of the resistance to mechanical penetration (ball burst strength procedure) of tissue paper and tissue products after wetting.

ISO 2144:2019
Hind 51,61 EUR
Paper, board, pulps and cellulose nanomaterials -- Determination of residue (ash content) on ignition at 900 °C
This document describes the determination of the residue (ash content) on ignition of paper, board, pulps and cellulose nanomaterials. This document is applicable to all types of paper, board, pulp and cellulose nanomaterial. This document provides measurement procedures to obtain a measurement precision of 0,01 % or better for residue (ash content) on ignition at 900 °C. In the context of this document, the term “cellulose nanomaterial” refers specifically to cellulose nano-object (see 3.2 to 3.4). Owing to their nanoscale dimensions, these cellulose nano-objects can have intrinsic properties, behaviours or functionalities that are distinct from those associated with paper, board and pulps.
Asendab ISO 2144:2015

CWA 17433:2019
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Identne CWA 17433:2019
Mapping of Future needs of standardisation in the paper and board sector for food contact applications
This document provides the mapping of the immediate standardisation needs in the European paper and board value chain and the identification of gaps in the existing standards. Based on the experience of the Paper and Board Industry, this document describes the needs loosely as contained in the voluntary Industry Guideline [17]. This CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) will serve later as a critical signpost for working towards a (set of) future harmonised standard(s). The final CWA will be promoted among stakeholders within the relevant paper and board industries and national authorities as well as towards the European institutions. The scope of this document covers materials and articles constituted mainly of paper and board 1 which may comprise one or more layers of fibre and in their finished state are: — intended to be brought into contact with food or — can reasonably be expected to be brought into contact with food or — to transfer their constituents to food under normal or foreseeable conditions of use.

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