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ISO 23169:2020
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Paints and varnishes -- On-site test methods on quality assessment for interior wall coatings
This document specifies two on-site test methods (on-site cleanability [stain removal] and on-site wet-scrub resistance) for the evaluation of the quality assessment for interior wall coatings. These test methods are applicable to white coatings and light-coloured coatings of tristimulus value Y10 greater than 25 measured on a test specimen consisting of a coating applied to a black substrate. The cleanability test can differentiate the coating quality between 18 % of the pigment volume concentration (PVC) and the critical pigment volume concentration (CPVC). The on-site wet-scrub resistance test method can differentiate the coating quality when the PVC is nearly equal to the CPVC or above.

ISO 15184:2020
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Paints and varnishes -- Determination of film hardness by pencil test
This document specifies a method for determining the film hardness by pushing pencils of known hardness over the film. The test can be performed on a single coating of a paint, varnish or related product, or on the upper layer of a multi-coat system. This rapid test has not been found to be useful in comparing the pencil hardness of different coatings. It is more useful in providing relative ratings for a series of coated panels exhibiting significant differences in pencil hardness. The method is applicable only to smooth surfaces.
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