EVS trainings

In today’s competitive world, the added value, reliability and competitive advantage of each product or service is a benefit in the eyes of customers. We wish to offer high-quality seminars, information days and training courses on topics related to standardisation and established standards, so that your company would be successful in Estonia as well as abroad.

The Estonian Centre for Standardisation has organised various seminars and training courses on topics related to standardisation, e.g. CE-marking and standards, management systems, fire safety in buildings, information security, valuation of assets, translation services, and so on.

The Estonian Centre for Standardisation offers:

General seminars, where participants receive an overview and general knowledge about the European and international standardisation system, standardisation as a process and how the standards are useful in business. 

Specific trainings, where a particular standard or set of standards is dealt with. Overviews of their contents, domains, practical instructions for application, etc.

Information days, where a new standard or amendments to a standard are introduced.

Internal training, where those topics in the field of standardisation are talked about, which are important for your company in particular.

You will find additional information regarding the content and schedule of each seminar on our website at least 3 weeks before the seminar takes place. Request further information regarding the training courses by e-mail at: koolitus@evs.ee.

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