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Standards development

All interested parties may participate in the drafting of a standard as well as initiate its drafting. Manufacturers and service providers, representatives of consumers and the state and research institutions participate through standardisation committees in the drafting of a standard on a voluntary basis proceeding from a common interest in the given topic. The final draft standard is a consensus without fundamental disagreements on important matters.

EVS is working with standards on international and European level. Estonia is obligated to implement all European standards as Estonian national standards. A large part of Estonian standards are therefore initiated by interested parties outside Estonia. Therefore, the participation of Estonia's interested parties in European and international standardisation work is very important.

In absence of an appropriate European or international standard, the drafting of an original Estonian standard may be commenced. It must be observed that the standard to be drafted does not present requirements that contradict any European or international standard (differences from a European standard must be introduced as a special national condition into the European standard).

An Estonian standard may be:
1) original standard.
2) an implemented international or European standard:
a) endorsement method;
b) reprint method;
c) translation method.

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