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New work item proposals

Information about standardisation initiatives to develop original standards, standards’ amendments or review a document is made available monthly via EVS Bulletin's section “Developing of original standards and specifications”.

Each new proposal has project’s draft title, scope and relations to other valid standards and specifications. The name of the proposer and background information about how to get involved is also presented.

Specific information about documents’ development stage from the proposal to the final publication is available on our website on the "Standards programme" section, which is updated monthly. Standards programme includes the forecast dates for drafts’ public enquiry and documents’ foreseeable availability dates.

There are several options to contribute in the developing process of a new standard, more popular options to participate are the following:

  • make new work item proposals (see “Development of original standard” – available only in Estonian language);
  • get involved in drafting a document (via participation in Technical Committee);
  • comment draft’s content while it is on public enquiry (make comments or proposals to change the wording or text additions. See “Public enquiry” section).

For further information on the project of your interest please contact the Standardisation department.

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