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Public enquiry

Standards-making process is based on consensus and prior to the acceptance of a standard a public enquiry to invite comments from stakeholders on the content of a draft standard has to be carried out. Any interested party may speak up and have their say in the development and publication of an Estonian standard. The Estonian standard’s enquiry period is usually two months starting from the citation on the EVS Bulletin. It is highly appreciated to receive information concerning the adoption of European or international standard which does not suit to adoption, i.e. which may be in conflict with Estonian legislation or which are not applicable in Estonia or other reasons.

Draft standards subjected to public enquiry and comment are categorized by ICS code (International Classification for Standards).

Data for standards under public enquiry is presented as follows:

  • draft standard’s reference (NB! This is not standards reference);
    • prEN – draft European Standard,
    • FprEN – final draft European Standard,
    • prEVS – draft original Estonian standard,
    • ISO/DIS; IEC/FDIS – final draft International Standard.
  • draft standard’s title;
  • draft standard’s scope;
  • draft standard’s language;
  • reference documents (if any);
  • relations (if any);
  • target date for comments.
To read and comment draft standards and projects under comment please visit our online tool: www.evs.ee/kommenteerimisportaal.
User guide is currently available only in Estonian language, download here.
Comments on drafts may be submitted also in DOC or DOCX file format (DOTX template is in ZIP container). Comments on a draft version of a European Standard or an International Standard is handled through EVS/TC, the form for comments in DOC format is available in English, whereas comments may be either in English or in Estonian.

Information about the documents open for comment and on a public enquiry can be found on the EVS Bulletin’s two recent publication’s section "Standardikavandid arvamusküsitluseks" and via online commenting tool www.evs.ee/kommenteerimisportaal.

You may occasionally want to check up on the documents launched for a public enquiry. Most comfortable way to receive updates on topics of your interest is to join with “Information service” (free of charge). Service includes information sorted by ICS groups and it is updated monthly as soon as EVS Bulletin is published.

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