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New standards

From the links below you can find the information with regard to new Estonian standards, withdrawn standards and new drafts published in the latest EVS Bulletin.

01 Generalities. Terminology. Standardization. Documentation
03 Services. Company organization, management and quality. Administration. Transport. Sociology
07 Mathematics. Natural Sciences
11 Health care technology
13 Environment. Health protection. Safety
17 Metrology and measurement. Physical phenomena
19 Testing
21 Mechanical systems and components for general use
23 Fluid systems and components for general use
25 Manufacturing engineering
27 Energy and heat transfer engineering
29 Electrical engineering
31 Electronics
33 Telecommunications. Audio and video engineering
35 Information technology. Office machines
37 Image technology
39 Precision mechanics. Jewellery
43 Road vehicle engineering
45 Railway engineering
47 Shipbuilding and marine structures
49 Aircraft and space vehicle engineering
53 Materials handling equipment
55 Packaging and distribution of goods
59 Textile and leather technology
61 Clothing industry
65 Agriculture
67 Food technology
71 Chemical technology
73 Mining and minerals
75 Petroleum and related technologies
77 Metallurgy
79 Wood technology
81 Glass and ceramics industries
83 Rubber and plastic industries
85 Paper technology
87 Paint and colour industries
91 Construction materials and building
93 Civil engineering
95 Military engineering
97 Domestic and commercial equipment. Entertainment. Sports

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