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Information service


What is it?


The information service allows for the periodical retrieval of information regarding new, replaced and withdrawn Estonian standards. The information service is primarily intended for those whose contact with standards is more regular and who therefore need to know whether new standards have been published in an area of interest, whether a previously acquired standard has become invalid, improved or amended. The information service is the most comfortable way to acquire regular updated information about standards.

The information service includes information by ICS groups regarding new, replaced and withdrawn Estonian standards and those on public enquiries. The information service is updated twice a month along with the publication of the official bulletin EVS Teataja.

Information regarding updates to the information service will be sent to you each month by e-mail and you will also be able to view the information service from ICS groups of interest at any time on the EVS website under “My account”.


How to join?


Joining the information service is free of charge. You can join on our website by selecting information service under your account together with ICS groups of interest.

View the monthly information service.

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