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Compilable collection with updates

The compilable standards collection service is for those standards’ user who need to use large volume of various standards. The service allows customer to compile a collection of all needed Estonian standards and use them in company’s internal network. Additionally, it is also possible to keep the collection up-to-date with all monthly published updates (amendments, corrigendums and revisions) for a fixed yearly fee.

What is included?

It is possible to add all valid Estonian standards and standard-like documents (TS, TR, CWA) of CEN and CENELEC made available by the Estonian Centre for Standardisation. It is however not possible to add those English versions of Estonian standards that are based on the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standards that are already available free of charge via the ETSI. 

Use of the service

To use the service the customer has to sign a license agreement (either in hard copy or digitally) with the Estonian Centre for Standardisation.

Preconditions for using the service

  • The minimum number of documents in the collection is 200
  • Minimum number of users (licenses) is 2

Standards and they monthly updates are made available in digital form (PDF or other formats) for download.


The cost of the service for an organisation is composed of two parts:

  • Collection’s price is based on the cost of the individual standards, taking into account the number of licenses and the size of the collection.
  • Price for a single year of updates is based on the average change percentage of the standards’ collection. It is possible to extend the update part on yearly basis.

Compilable collection service can also be purchased without monthly updates part. In that case customer won’t receive any updates for the standards in their collection as part of this agreement.

To get a quotation for you collection please send the list of desired standards together with a number of users to our customer service email address at standard(at)evs.ee.

Getting updates to an existing collection

Many users already have their standards collection from Estonian Centre for Standardisation. Such users can use the service’s update part to keep their existing standards collection up-do-date. To get a quotation for you collection update part the customers should send us the number of users and list of standards, to which they wish to receive monthly updates.

Adding new standards to collection

If desired, the user can increase existing collection of standards by adding new ones into it. In such case customer should send an email with the list of desired standards to the customer service email address at standard(at)evs.ee. Added documents will be made available to customer immediately. Invoice for the added standards will be sent at the end of the current quarter. Possibility to add new documents to collection is available only to customers who have signed a service agreement for the update part.

For further information, please contact our Customer Service:

Phone: +372 605 5060
Email: standard(at)evs.ee
Business hours: 8:30 AM to 5 PM, Mon – Thu


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