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Consolidated standards

As of October 2006, amendments to standards are no longer published by CEN, the European Standardisation Organisation, separately but rather as already consolidated within (that is, as “written into”) standards. This means that whereas up until now there has been the option to buy a standard and to subsequently purchase any amendments to the standard as additional texts, from now on amendments will no longer be published separately but rather in a consolidated version only.

In order to provide a more flexible service, the Estonian Centre for Standardisation provides discounts to customers who have already previously purchased a standard and now wish to obtain an amendment to the standard in a consolidated version.

Under a special offer, the following terms and conditions have been set by the Estonian Centre for Standardisation:
• a price reduction shall be available to customers who have purchased the original version of the same standard from EVS; no price reduction shall be available on ISO and IEC standards transposed by virtue of a notice of entry into force;
• a customer granted a discount shall be identified in the customer database (provided that s/he has previously purchased the original version of the same standard);
• the discount rate shall be 25% off the regular prices of EVS standards.

Tertiary students and teaching staff

All teaching staff and students are offered the option of purchasing Estonian standards (except ISO and IEC standards transposed by virtue of a notice of entry into force) at half the cost. You can also learn about new standards at a discount at our training events – we offer you now and always 50% off the cost of all EVS training events.

A price discount is available on Estonian standards bought in hard copy only upon presentation of a student identity card, international student identity card (ISIC Student), international teacher identity card (ITIC card) or NPNK EURO<26 student identity card. To buy standards at a discount price, kindly visit our Customer Service (Akadeemia tee 21/6, Tallinn); payment for standards may be made in cash or by bank card.
Further information is available under the Terms and Conditions of Sale of standards.

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