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Ordering standards

Standards can be ordered:
• from the e-shop;
• by filling in an order form at the website;
• by e-mail to standard(at)evs.ee;
• by filling in an order on-site at the customer service.

From the e-shop you can order all Estonian standards and valid ISO and IEC standards. You can order from the e-shop by using the search engine on our website. You will find the necessary standard through the search engine. The search can be performed according to the standard number as well as a keyword. We recommend you use keywords in English as many standards are only available in English. The standards have a preview which shows the table of contents, scope and normative references of the standard. The preview enables you to make sure a particular standard is right for you. When you find the right standard, select the language and format preferences, add the requested standard to the cart and submit the order. While ordering from the e-shop, read the terms of use of the e-shop first.

Use the website order form, if you cannot find the desired standard from our e-shop.

The standards are available in paper and electronic format. Standards in electronic format are available as single-user licenses and multi-user licenses.

Standards packages can be bought in electronic form through e-shop either as single- or as a multiuser license. Entering “package” into the e-shop search field will list all offered packages. The scope of the package lists all standards that are part of that package. The price of a package will be 60% of the sum of individual prices of standards that it contains. After paying for the package order, all included standards will be compressed into single ZIP file and made available in the same way as all the other purchased electronic standards.

You will find information about the prices of standards under conditions of sale. For other standards, please ask for a price offer at the EVS customer service.


You can pay for orders submitted in the e-shop:

  • by a transfer (MTÜ Eesti Standardikeskus, account number in Swedbank EE162200221014447331, SWIFT: HABAEE2X, IBAN: EE162200221014447331),
  • through a bank link (Swedbank, SEB, Luminor; available only in Estonia)
  • by Visa or MasterCard credit cards
  • by using PayPal.

If you pay through a bank link, by credit card or by PayPal, your order will be executed immediately and if the order includes only electronic standards, they will be available for downloading immediately on our website under “My account”.

It is safe to use bank links and credit cards in our e-shop. During the entire transaction, the Centre for Standardisation will not see information related to your account, but will only receive a confirmation regarding the completion of the transaction. Read more about the principles of operation of a bank link and credit card here.

At the customer service, it is possible to pay by credit or debit card and in cash.

You can pay for standards ordered in some other way by a transfer (MTÜ Eesti Standardikeskus, account number in Swedbank EE162200221014447331, SWIFT: HABAEE2X, IBAN: EE162200221014447331).

Delivery of standards

If it has not been agreed otherwise, the ordered standards are delivered to the customer after payment for the standards.

By ordering electronic standards, the standards in PDF format will be made available to you on our website in the “My account” environment. You need to log in to download the ordered standards.

By ordering standards on paper, you will have the option to personally collect the standards at the customer service of the Estonian Centre for Standardisation or we will deliver the standards through Ominva. In the latter case, postage of 1,4 EUR for domestic parcels, 6 EUR for parcels within Europe and 9 EUR for parcels to other countries will be added to each ordered standard on paper. In case you do not order paper standards through the shopping cart, we ask you to specify in the order how you wish to have the ordered standards delivered. Failing this, we will assume you wish the standards to be delivered by post.

About refunding standards

Proper standards are generally not subject to refunding. Read more about refunding standards purchased through the e-shop environment or other means of communication under terms of use.

If the acquired standard has defects, you will have the right to submit a complaint to the Estonian Centre for Standardisation, advisably within three days but not later than within two years from the date of delivery of the standard. The complaint must be submitted immediately but not later than within two months of discovering the defect. In order to make it easier to solve later problems, the customer should definitely retain the purchase invoice, which proves that the standard was bought from the Centre for Standardisation. Without a document attesting sale, the Centre for Standardisation may leave the problem unsolved.

Rules regarding application of standards (copyright)

Standards are copyrighted objects. The distribution and reproduction right of standards belongs to the Estonian Centre for Standardisation.
The standards are subject to the Copyright Act, as a result of which:

  • reproduction of standards is not allowed;
  • a single-licence electronic standard may be printed twice and one back-up copy is allowed. Saving an electronic document in a computer network with several users is not allowed. Get acquainted with the user contract of documents here;
  • there are no limitations to the use of the standard’s content (application in practice).

Further information from the customer service of the Centre for Standardisation.

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