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Standards monitoring

What is it?

Standards are documents that change over time to reflect progress in science, technology and systems. To keep up with those changes is often an inconvenient and time-consuming task. At the same time, the lack of such important information may have an impact on competitiveness or, in worst case scenario, lead to your product or service not complying with mandatory requirements or modern understandings of safety, usability or efficiency.

The Estonian Centre for Standardisation is now offering a standards monitoring service, which allows you to stay up-to-date with changes to relevant standards. Standards monitoring allows you to create a list of relevant standards and have e-mail notifications sent to you about any changes related to them. We inform you about changes such as the replacing of the selected standards with newer ones, amendments, corrigendums, withdrawals or availability of translation into Estonian– all this as soon as the relevant information becomes public. Monitoring service also informs you when draft new version of the standard or draft amendment of the standard is available for public commenting.

How to select standards for monitoring?

The adding of standards to be monitored is free, but you must register as a user in order to use the service. After logging in as a user on the homepage of the Estonian Centre for Standardisation and finding the relevant standards through the search function, you only have to click the button “Add to Monitoring” on the detailed view page of the standard.


You can supplement or edit the list of monitored standards at any time. Since the service is automated, the changes take effect immediately. This way you can easily and conveniently create a personalised list of standards. Monitored standards can be managed in the “Standards Monitoring” section on the “My Account” page.

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