CEN/CLC/TR 17603-20-05:2021

Space engineering - High voltage engineering and design handbook

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Valid from 17.08.2021
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CEN/CLC/TR 17603-20-05:2021
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This Handbook establishes guidelines to ensure a reliable design, manufacturing and testing of high voltage electronic equipment and covers: • Design • Manufacturing • Verification/Testing of equipment generating, carrying or consuming high voltage, like: high voltage power conditioner, high voltage distribution (cables and connectors). This Handbook is dedicated to all parties involved at all levels in the realization of space segment hardware and its interface with high voltage for which EN 16603-20 (based on ECSS-E-ST-20) is applicable. This handbook sets out to: • summarize most relevant aspects and data of high voltage insulation • provide design guidelines for high voltage insulation • provide design guidelines for high voltage electronic equipment • give an overview of appropriate high voltage test methods • establish a set of recommendations for generation design and verification rules and methods • provide best practices Applicability is mainly focused on power conditioning equipment but may be also applicable for all other high voltage electric and electronic power equipment used on space missions, except items of experimental nature.
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