CEN/TR 15953:2009

Pyrotechnic articles - Other pyrotechnic articles, category P1 and P2 - Overview of harmonized standards that will be developed by CEN/TC 212/WG 5

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CEN/TR 15953:2009
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This Technical Report gives an overview of harmonized standards which will be proposed to be developed by CEN/TC 212 WG 5, “Other Pyrotechnic Articles”. Under this expression, it must be understood, are all pyrotechnic articles which are not designed and intended for entertainment purposes (“fireworks”), for indoor or outdoor stage use, including film and television productions or similar use (“theatrical pyrotechnic articles”), and for automotive industry (“pyrotechnic articles for vehicles”). It also gives the interpretation WG5 experts have made of some terms, definitions and requirements of Directive 2007/23/EC in order to assure future harmonized standards will encompass all varieties of “other pyrotechnic articles”, which are presently placed on the European market, in a consistent way and take the benefit of all the practical experience and usages of those articles in the Member States.
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