CWA 16026:2009

Standardisation of Online Dispute Resolution Tools

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Withdrawn from 03.08.2016
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CWA 16026:2009
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This CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) specifies guidelines to facilitate a clearer and easier use and exploitation of ADR resources to the potential users. The focus is Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). This CEN Workshop Agreement contains: 1. Analysis of the different kind of ODR models and tools in Europe and at the international level (the most relevant). This includes: business process models and workflow, bodies in charge of them, regulations and legal frameworks, roles, technological solutions, impacts on users and on markets, existing and on-going standardisation processes (EU & US). Cross reference to ISO 10003 will be made for the items which are already covered by ISO 10003 (ex. Dispute resolution methods). 2. Identification of interoperability issues among existing ODR systems and services; 3. Identification of the framework for generating methodological improvements and standardization supports enabling cross-country access to ODR resources and interoperability among them; 4. Definition of the taxonomy of business concepts, roles and processes; 5. Mapping of this taxonomy to a XML-based dialect. To this end, past and on-going experiences such the ODR Xml and the jurisdiction-based model of XBRL are considered.
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