CWA 16046:2009

Adoption programme for increased electronic invoicing in European business processes

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Withdrawn from 03.08.2016
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CWA 16046:2009
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The scope of workgroup 1 in CEN/ISSS WS eINV2: • supporting to build up the planned website within the “e-invoicing gateway”; • collecting and describing best practices country by country of electronic invoices and national implementation guidelines in local language; • supporting a network of national e-invoice forums to foster communication and exchange of national best practices in electronic invoices; • drafting guidelines as to how to move towards one e-invoice address registry inside EU and bringing up best practice. In the first workshop meeting a knowledge management strategy was discussed by members of the CEN/ISSS WS phase 1. A stepwise (incremental) approach was chosen: • Step 1 is to offer all parties who are operating in the field of e-invoicing a participation possibility in an online platform where they are able to enter their profile. • Step 2 is to offer high quality information about the country specific technical, legal and operational aspects on e-invoicing and support publishing of the CEN/ISSS eINV2 WG results.
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