CWA 16050:2009

A framework for the emerging network infrastructure of eInvoice service providers throughout Europe

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Withdrawn from 03.08.2016
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CWA 16050:2009
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When implementing electronic business and administration related documents within the supply chain, including (in particular) electronic invoicing - as well as others, many organizations decide to utilize the services from (eInvoice) service providers1. There are several benefits from using service provider’s services, some are the same for large enterprises as well as for SME’s, while others are different. The major reason for SME’s to use service provider services is the possibility to concentrate on their core business and utilize service provider expertise and facilities for electronic invoicing without investing too much themselves in dedicated personnel, equipment and software. Large enterprises are looking also for outsourcing and rationalizing electronic invoicing tasks. In addition to that they often want to have a single entry point for their exchange of electronic invoices.
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