CWA 17028-103:2016

Business Interoperability Interfaces for Public Procurement in Europe - E-Catalogue - Part 103: BII Profile 16 Catalogue Deletion

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Valid from 01.06.2016
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CWA 17028-103:2016
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1.1 Introduction The profile BII16 Catalogue deletion describes a process providing electronic messaging support for the business process called "sourcing" in the post-awarding phase of public procurement. The key aspects covered by this profile are: - A Supplier can use this profile to request a Customer to fully remove from trade an existing catalogue. A catalogue existing at the Customer side may be a compilation of the initial catalogue transaction as well as a multitude of catalogue revisions and additions. - The profile is used to delete a whole catalogue not a single row (item) or single catalogue additions or update. - When the Customer deletes catalogue he shall send a notification to the Supplier confirming that the catalogue has been deleted. - Any dispute regarding removing a catalogue from trade should be handled outside this profile. 1.2 Goals The main business benefits to be gained by implementing this profile are: ID Description G16-001 Accuracy of information received. G16-002 Suppliers can automatically send a request for deletion. G16-003 Suppliers can automatically receive a confirmation on the correctness of the request. 1.3 Business environment This profile is intended to support the suspension of catalogues at the selling side by buying side in a business relationship. In this profile the selling side can be any Economic Operator and the buying side any Contracting Authority respectively third parties acting on their behalf. So intended scope for this profile includes are B2G relationships. The transactions, specified in this profile are intended to be exchanged between the procurement systems of contracting authorities and systems for catalogue management of economic operators. This means that it is expected that the parties have connected their systems to the internet, and that they have middleware in place to enable them to send and receive the transactions in a secure way, using an agreed syntax. The purpose of this profile is to allow the supplier to suspend the usage of catalogue submitted before, so that no further orders can be placed by the buyer based on this order. The suspension of the catalogue may be caused by a disagreement between supplier and buyer about the business relationship. So, this profile does not allow to reject the suspension, on the one side, and does not requests the buyer to delete the catalogue physically, on the other side. The catalogue may be reactivated after the disagreement is resolved.
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