CWA 17029-212:2016

Business Interoperability Interfaces for Public Procurement in Europe - Post Award - Part 212: UBL Syntax Implementation Guideline for Trdm077 Catalogue

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Valid from 01.06.2016
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CWA 17029-212:2016
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To explain how to use UBL syntax to support the CEN BII information transaction requirements. The main function is to provide the syntax mappings from the UBL syntax to the CEN BII information requirement model. Chapter 5 contains two tables where these mappings can be found: 1. A table depicting the structure of the elements of the UBL document and their relationship with the CEN BII information requirement model. 2. A detailed table with additional information on the semantics of the BII information requirements and references to the code lists. The code lists and coded elements are identified in chapter 3, both for coded elements and for list scheme identifiers. Chapter 4 describes selected parts of the document and details how to fill them for specific use cases. Besides, there are references to examples in chapter 6 to provide a complete vision of a UBL document following the BII information requirements. Chapter 7 contains a list of Schematron files created from the Business Rules identified in the Profiles for this transaction.
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