CWA 17029-401:2016

Business Interoperability Interfaces for Public Procurement in Europe - Post Award - Part 401: Guideline on Procurement With Aligned Master Data

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Valid from 05.07.2016
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CWA 17029-401:2016
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The purpose of this guideline is to provide guidance on how to apply a master data approach when using CEN BII conformant document instances. A general assumption is that elements considered to be master data can be omitted from transactional messages provided they are aligned prior to the first exchange of transactional messages. This guideline facilitates a master data approach when using BII conformant document instances in electronic business transactions. The main component of this guideline is a set of Information Requirement Models for selected message profiles. These models are annotated for use in a master data context and provide guidance on business term usage. They are provided in the Annex 1 and also in html format. This document only explains a master data approach and illustrates how to apply the semantics in the models in this context. Applying a master data approach is associated with significant benefits. Omitting master data from transactional messages facilitates higher level of automation, eliminates data redundancy and improves data quality by creating one source of validated data. Many leading businesses use this approach for electronic data interchange particularly by retailers, suppliers and in healthcare.
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