CWA 17316:2018

Smart CE marking for construction products

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Valid from 16.07.2018
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CWA 17316:2018
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Smart CE marking for construction products aims to digitalise mandatory construction products information provided in the declaration of performance (DoP) according to Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 [1]. When available for their standards, manufacturers will have the option to make their DoP available in their websites in XML format (human and machine readable), the files will be accessible through the link included in the CE marking. This link will allow the use of "smart" devices connected to the internet (mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc) to use this information through internet browsers, applications or software. Harmonisation will be achieved through the development of XML formats for each harmonised product standard. This document provides guidance on how these formats should be developed to properly establish a consistent digital information environment. CEN/TC 442 work was used as input for the development of this document. CEN/TC 442 Product Data Templates will cover a wider scope than Smart CE marking for construction products. The structure of Smart CE marking formats forms a part of Product Data Templates.
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