EVS-EN 14154-2:2005+A2:2011

Water meters - Part 2: Installation and conditions of use CONSOLIDATED TEXT

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Withdrawn from 01.07.2014
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EN 14154-2:2005+A2:2011

Although the standard’s status is withdrawn, it still has the presumption of conformity in the meaning of regulation 2004/22/EC and conformance with the regulation ’s requirements can be guaranteed by using the withdrawn version of the standard. The presumption of conformity is valid until a corresponding amendment is published in the Official Journal of the European Union.
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Main + amendment
EVS-EN 14154-2:2005+A1:2007
This document specifies criteria for selection of water meters, installation requirements and the first operation of new or repaired meters to ensure accurate constant measurement and reliable reading of the meter. In applications where a water meter is legally required to conform to the requirements of the Measuring Instruments Directive, this document may be used to demonstrate conformity. Where legal national requirements exist they shall in all cases take precedence over or supplement the specifications given in this part of this document.
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