EVS-EN 1804-1:2001+A1:2010

Machines for underground mines - Safety requirements for hydraulic powered roof supports - Part 1: Support units and general requirements CONSOLIDATED TEXT

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Withdrawn from 31.12.2020
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EN 1804-1:2001+A1:2010
Directives or regulations
2006/42/EC Machinery (MD)

Although the standard’s status is withdrawn, it still has the presumption of conformity in the meaning of regulation 2006/42/EC and conformance with the regulation ’s requirements can be guaranteed by using the withdrawn version of the standard. The presumption of conformity is valid until a corresponding amendment is published in the Official Journal of the European Union.
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Standard history
Main + amendment
EVS-EN 1804-1:2002
This standard specifies the safety requirements for support units when used as specified by the manufacturer or his authorised representative. Examples of support units are frame supports, chock supports, shield supports, paired frames and push-pull support systems including the components of advancing and anchoring devices which provide support functions. This part of the standard excludes fixing elements on the conveyor, coal-winning equipment, power set legs and rams, valves, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic control units, lighting and signalling facilities and other ancillary equipment.
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