EVS-EN 288-5:1998

Specification and approval of welding procedures for metallic materials - Part 5: Approval by using approved welding consumables for arc welding

General information
Withdrawn from 10.03.2004
Base Documents
EN 288-5:1994
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This standard simplifies the approval of welding procedures especially for repetitive operations. This standard gives the necessary information to explain the requirements referenced in EN 288-1 about the approval of welding procedures using approved consumables. In addition it gives the range of approval and the validity. This standard applies to fusion welding of metallic materials. The process numbers refer to EN 24063. Essentially this standard covers the processes with cosumables given in table 1. [The scope of the complete standard includes a table of applicable welding processes.] Other fusion welding processes may be accepted by agreement between contracting parties. It is intended for application to parent metals hich produce acceptable micro structures and properties in the heat affected zone which do not deteriorate significantly in service. This standard is not applicable where hardness or impact properties, preheating, control heat input, interpass temperature and post-weld heat-treatment are specified. The use of this standard may also be restricted by an application standard or at the inquiry/order stage by contracting parties.
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