EVS-EN 301 489-4 V3.3.1:2021

ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard for radio equipment and services; Part 4: Specific conditions for fixed radio links and ancillary equipment; Harmonised Standard for electromagnetic compatibility

General information
Valid from 01.03.2021
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ETSI EN 301 489-4 V3.3.1
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Standard history
The present document specifies technical characteristics and methods of measurement for Analogue and Digital Fixed Radio Links operating as fixed Point-to-Point, and Point-to-Multipoint systems as defined in table 1, including the associated ancillary equipment, in respect of electromagnetic compatibility. Technical specifications related to the antenna port of the radio equipment are not included in the present document. Such technical specifications are found in the relevant product standards for the effective use of the radio spectrum, see table 1. Table 1: Radio Technologies in scope of the present document Technology - ETSI Standard Point-to-Point equipment; intended for operation in the frequency bands from 1,3 GHz to 86 GHz - ETSI EN 302 217-2 Point-to-Multipoint equipment; intended for operation in the frequency band below 1 GHz and in frequency bands from 1 GHz to 40 GHz - ETSI EN 302 326-2 The processing and protection switch, (de)modulator, transmitter, receiver, RF filters, branching networks and feeders are covered by the present document. The multiplexing and/or de-multiplexing elements are covered if they form part of the transmitter, receiver and/or transceiver. NOTE: The relationship between the present document and essential requirements of article 3.1(b) of Directive 2014/53/EU is given in annex A
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