EVS-EN 303 213-7 V2.1.1:2020

Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS); Part 7: Community Specification for A-SMGCS routing service

General information
Valid from 16.07.2020
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ETSI EN 303 213-7 V2.1.1
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Standard history
The present document is applicable to the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) Routing Service. This service is based on the A-SMGCS surveillance service as specified in ETSI EN 303 213-1 and generates individual routes for mobiles based on the trajectory start and end points and known constraints (e.g. standard taxi routes, taxiway closures). In most cases these trajectory points for aircraft are the assigned runway holding point and parking stand, or for vehicles, two positions on the movement area. Routes can be created or modified by the Controller at any time. The present document provides a European Standard for manufacturers, Air Navigation Service Providers and/or Airport Operators, who have to demonstrate and declare compliance of their systems and constituents to the Essential Requirements (ERs) of Annex VIII of Regulation (EU) No 2018/1139. NOTE 1: The ERs in Annex VIII of Regulation (EU) No 2018/1139 covered by the present document are outlined in Table A.1. NOTE 2: Although the ERs of the SES Interoperability Regulation have been repealed with effect from 11 September 2018, a mapping of the requirements for the A-SMGCS Surveillance Service to this same regulation is provided in Annex B. Any software elements related to the software assurance level of an A-SMGCS are outside of the scope of the present document. As such the ERs of Regulation (EU) No 2018/1139are not considered for software elements within the present document. The present document does not give presumption of conformity related to the maintenance requirements, environmental constraints, procedure level, effect of harmful interference and civil/military coordination. NOTE 3: For these ERs, the Air Navigation Service Provider will need to provide supplementary compliance within their Interoperability Technical Files. The present document does not give presumption of conformity to any current interoperability Implementing Rules (IRs). NOTE 4: Currently there are no relevant Implementing Rules for A-SMGCS. Requirements in the present document which refer to "should" statements or recommendations in the normatively referenced material (clause 2.1) are to be interpreted as fully normative ("shall") for the purpose of compliance with the present document if they are unambiguously referred to from the present document. The reference to particular requirements is done either by citing the unambiguous requirement number or range of numbers (e.g. "[REQ 30.] to [REQ 35.]") or, if no requirement numbers are available, by indicating the paragraph and clause of the reference material where the requirement can be found. NOTE 5: Other requirements and other EU Regulations and/or Directives may be applicable to the product(s) falling within the scope of the present document.
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