EVS-EN 303 363-1 V1.1.1:2022

Air Traffic Control Surveillance Radar Sensors; Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR); Harmonised Standard for access to radio spectrum; Part 1: SSR Interrogator

General information
Valid from 01.03.2022
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ETSI EN 303 363-1 V1.1.1
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Standard history
The present document specifies technical characteristics and methods of measurements for the following equipment used in ground-based ATC Secondary Surveillance Radar systems for civil air navigation. Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) with Mode S capabilities which includes mode A/C, transmitting in the 1 030 MHz band with a power not exceeding 4 kW (66 dBm), and receiving in the 1 090 MHz band, used for air traffic control and connected to a rotating antenna. The SSR Interrogator transmits interrogations to aircraft equipped with transponder, receives the corresponding replies, and operates in the frequency bands as indicated in Table 1. Table 1: SSR interrogator service frequency bands Signals; Service frequency bands Transmitted; signals 1 030 MHz Received signals; 1 090 MHz NOTE 1: The relationship between the present document and essential requirements of article 3.2 of Directive 2014/53/EU is given in Annex A. NOTE 2: Systems making use of an electronic scanned antenna are not covered by the present document.
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