EVS-EN 319 412-5 V2.3.1:2020

Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); Certificate Profiles; Part 5: QCStatements

General information
Valid from 15.05.2020
Base Documents
ETSI EN 319 412-5 V2.3.1
Directives or regulations
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Standard history
The present document defines specific QCStatement for the qcStatements extension as defined in IETF RFC 3739, clause 3.2.6, including requirements for their use in EU qualified certificates. Some of these QCStatements can be used for other forms of certificate. The QCStatements defined in the present document can be used in combination with any certificate profile, either defined in ETSI EN 319 412-2, ETSI EN 319 412-3 and ETSI EN 319 412-4, or defined elsewhere. The QCStatements defined in clause 4.3 may be applied to regulatory environments outside the EU. Other requirements specified in clause 4 are specific to Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 but may be adapted for other regulatory environments.
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