EVS-EN 384:2016+A2:2022

Structural timber - Determination of characteristic values of mechanical properties and density

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Valid from 15.06.2022
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EN 384:2016+A2:2022
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Main + amendment
This European Standard gives a method for determining characteristic values of mechanical properties and density, for defined populations of visual grades and/or strength classes of machine graded structural timber. Additionally it covers the stages of sampling, testing, analysis and presentation of the data. The standard provides methods to derive strength, stiffness and density properties for structural timber from tests with defect-free specimen. The values determined in accordance with this standard for mechanical properties and density are suitable for assigning grades and species to the strength classes of EN 338. NOTE 1 For assigning grades and species to the strength classes in EN 338 only three properties, i.e. bending or tension strength, modulus of elasticity parallel to grain in bending or tension and density need to be determined from test data, other properties can be calculated according to Table 2. NOTE 2 EN 1912 gives examples of established visual grades assigned to strength classes.
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