EVS-EN 415-1:2000+A1:2009

Packaging machines safety - Part 1: Terminology and classification of packaging machines and associated equipment CONSOLIDATED TEXT

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Withdrawn from 04.08.2014
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EN 415-1:2000+A1:2009
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EVS-EN 415-1:2000
This European standard defines the field of packaging machines in detail in clause 3, but briefly these are: Filling and Dosing machines Closing machines Labelling, decorating and coding machines Cleaning, sterilising, cooling and drying machines Fill and seal machines Inspection machines Container and component handling machines Form, fill and seal machines Cartoning machines Wrapping machines Group or transit packaging machines Pallet or loading unit forming, dismantling and securing machines Annex A indicates where hazards and safety requirements for these machines can be found. In most cases this will be in one of the parts of EN415, but in some cases it may be another European or ISO standard. Where no specific standard covers a particular machine Annex A will indicate the most appropriate standard which can be referred to for advice.
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