EVS-EN 437:2006+A1:2009

Test gases - Test pressures - Appliance categories CONSOLIDATED TEXT

General information
Withdrawn from 19.12.2018
Base Documents
EN 437:2003+A1:2009
Directives or regulations
2009/142/EC Gas appliances (GAD)

Although the standard’s status is withdrawn, it still has the presumption of conformity in the meaning of regulation 2009/142/EC and conformance with the regulation ’s requirements can be guaranteed by using the withdrawn version of the standard. The presumption of conformity is valid until a corresponding amendment is published in the Official Journal of the European Union.
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Standard history
Main + amendment
EVS-EN 437:2006
This standard specifies the test gases, test pressures and categories of appliances relative to the use of gaseous fuels of the first, second and third families. It serves as a reference document in the specific standards for appliances that fall within the scope of the Council Directive on the approximation of the laws of Member States concerning gas appliances (90/396/EC).
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