EVS-EN 50582:2016

Procedure to assess the circuit integrity of optical fibres in a cable under resistance to fire testing

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Valid from 05.09.2016
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EN 50582:2016
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This European standard specifies the details for the point of failure, continuity, checking arrangement, test sample, test procedure and test report relevant to optical fibre cables tested as described either in EN 50200 or in EN 50577. The test determines the survival time for circuit integrity of the optical fibre cables when exposed to fire under the conditions either given in EN 50577 or given in EN 50200. EN 50200 is limited to cables with an overall diameter not exceeding 20 mm. This standard includes (Annex A) the field of direct application and rules for extended application of test results (EXAP). Details regarding P classification using data from the EN 50577 test and PH classification using data from the EN 50200 test are given in EN 13501-3. Information regarding classification is given in Annex B.
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