EVS-EN 60079-14:2008

Explosive atmospheres - Part 14: Electrical installations design, selection and erection

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Withdrawn from 06.10.2014
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IEC 60079-14:2007; EN 60079-14:2008+AC:2011
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Main + corrigendum
EVS-EN 60079-14:2003
EVS-EN 61241-14:2004
This part of IEC 60079 contains the specific requirements for the design, selection and erection of electrical installations in hazardous areas associated with explosive atmospheres. Where the equipment is required to meet other environmental conditions, for example, protection against ingress of water and resistance to corrosion, additional methods of protection may be necessary. The method used should not adversely affect the integrity of the enclosure. The requirements of this standard apply only to the use of equipment under normal or near normal atmospheric conditions. For other conditions, additional precautions may be necessary. For example, most flammable materials and many materials which are normally regarded as non flammable might burn vigorously under conditions of oxygen enrichment. Other precautions might also be necessary in the use of equipment under conditions of extreme temperature and pressure. Such precautions are beyond the scope of this standard. These requirements are in addition to the requirements for installations in non-hazardous areas. This standard applies to all electrical equipment including fixed, portable, transportable and personal, and installations, permanent or temporary. It applies to installations at all voltages. This standard does not apply to –electrical installations in mines susceptible to firedamp; NOTE This standard may apply to electrical installations in mines where explosive gas atmospheres other than firedamp may be formed and to electrical installations in the surface installation of mines. –inherently explosive situations and dust from explosives or pyrophoric substances (for example explosives manufacturing and processing); –rooms used for medical purposes; –electrical installations in areas where the hazard is due to hybrid mixtures of combustible dust and explosive gas, vapour or mist. This standard does not take into account of any risk due to an emission of flammable or toxic gas from the dust.
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