EVS-EN 9721:2021

Aerospace series - General recommendation for the BIT Architecture in an integrated system

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Valid from 31.12.2021
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EN 9721:2021
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The purpose of this document is to harmonise the dialogue between manufacturers, prime contractors, owners and the customer in view of making it easier to draw up specifications, share BIT architecture models and the BIT technical configuration of systems during the operational use phase. This recommendation proposes adopting BIT operational efficiency and performance definitions, architecture design principles, and BIT specification or validation principles. It provides no recommendations regarding the numeric values for operational efficiency or performance. The diversity of situations, development of technological solutions and ever-changing operational requirements make it impossible to list general recommendations. Clause 6 and Clause 9 set out the general context of use of the BIT. Clause 7 lists the constraints to be taken into account to design a BIT architecture. Clause 8 lists the various BIT types currently known and the definitions of performance and operational efficiency (metrics). Clause 10 provides recommendations on the BIT architecture. Clause 11 recommends a language for exchanging BIT architecture models for assembling the complete model of a system. Clause 12 is an introduction to the prognosis. This European standard is mainly intended for system designers. Although it is based on examples of aeronautic systems, it is applicable to any type of system.
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