EVS-EN IEC 60704-2-18:2022

Household and similar electrical appliances - Test code for the determination of airborne acoustical noise - Part 2-18: Particular requirements for electric water heaters

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Valid from 15.03.2022
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IEC 60704-2-18:2022; EN IEC 60704-2-18:2022
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EVS-EN IEC 60704-2-18 discusses airborne acoustical noise test code for household and similar electrical appliances with a focus on particular requirements for electric water heaters. Airborne is transmitted through the air and atmosphere and experienced through the likes of people talking, the noise of television, etc. EVS-EN IEC 60704-2-18 applies to single-unit electric water heaters for household and similar use intended for placing on the floor against a wall, for building-in or placing under a counter, a kitchen worktop or under a sink, for wall-mounting or on a counter. The measuring conditions specified in EVS-EN IEC 60704-2-18 provide for sufficient accuracy in determining the noise emitted and comparing the results of measurements taken by different laboratories whilst simulating, as far as possible, the practical use of household water heaters. It is recommended EVS-EN IEC 60704-2-18 to consider the determination of noise levels as part of a comprehensive testing procedure covering many aspects of the properties and performance of household water heaters. Special forms of electric water heaters generate remarkable noise, which is not common for conventional electric water heaters. In order to capture these special products, EVS-EN IEC 60704-2-18 was developed. EVS-EN IEC 60704-2-18 provides a noise measurement procedure, which serves as an instrument for realizing technical improvements on the products and prevents false declarations in regulatory systems (e.g. European regulation on energy labelling). This document is intended to be used in conjunction with IEC 60704‑1:2021.
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